My entrepreneurial journey started way back in childhood, when, together with my brother Gabriel, we started making small trades in order to buy what we couldn’t afford otherwise. As time went by, I felt the need to grow, and to leave behind the small town in which I was born and the mentality I discovered there.

After high school, I went to Bucharest to continue my studies, deciding on International Affairs and European Studies.

Even though, at the beginning, I had no idea what it means to be an entrepreneur, I knew for sure I was ready to work hard to get where I wanted to be. The fact that I used to make more money than the average kid my age just by selling clothes and doing small trades made me question everything I learned in school and, in fact, everything that the traditional teaching system offers to the new generations.

After the 7 different jobs I had during high school and university, I just wanted to become financially independent. Soon after, in 2007, the first official business opportunity showed up, this time in Italy. There, my brother and I saved a small pastry from bankruptcy.

Moreover, we turned it into a successful business, as we rapidly got to the point in which we were selling 9000 croissants per night. And it did not stop there: using social media, we brought customers from over 400 km away. It was that time we developed the strategy we use to this day: creating consumer-centered content by combining an emotional approach with added-value content.

After a while, I had to leave Italy due to personal reasons and start from scratch for the third time in my life. Keep in mind that I was only 23 years old at that time, but it neither stopped me, nor discouraged me.

So I started over, this time in Germany. Because I did not speak the language, I had no other option than to choose a job at McDonald’s. At first, I intended to stay there only for a couple of months so I could learn the language, but everything changed when Gabriel started studying there. We instantly understood that this is an opportunity to learn how to manage and, most importantly, how to develop a system within a company, one that helps scale up the results. I knew that these life lessons would take us to the next level, but even during this time of my life I never stopped thinking about my dream.

That is why, at the same time, I developed Rich Mindset, a project that brings together people who want more from life.

As new people joined the Rich Mindset community, it was only a matter of time until a new business idea came up, and this is exactly what happened.

After a lot of unsuccessful attempts, we signed the first contract, the first opportunity to show what we can do. Recommendations from satisfied customers started to come in and in just 3 months the brand new rEVOLUTION MEDIA already had 10 clients across Germany. It was at that moment that Gabriel decided to move to Romania so he could develop the company at an international level, and in just a couple of months I had to fly there too, as he and his fiancé couldn’t manage the ever-increasing workload by themselves anymore.

Now, our revolutionary company has hundreds of successful projects in its portfolio and is recognized for its unique approach and high professionalism.

With a team of 20+ creatives, there is no stopping us now!

Whether you are a business owner and want to scale up your business, or you are a young professional who wants a job in digital marketing, this might be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Join us today and become part of the rEVOLUTION!